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One Call Does It All!
The Easy, Reliable Way to Maintain Your Rental Properties.
Elite Maintenance specializes in assisting managers with maintenance related repairs.  Elite's staff efficiently receives and executes turnover maintenance lists, daily service requests, emergency calls and provides free detailed estimates.
Our experienced technicians are ready to be your one-call does it all solution.


Turnover Maintenance
Elite Maintenance specializes in prompt turnover services for property managers.  When the tenant moves out, it's time for Elite Maintenance to jump into action. Repair drywall holes. Replace those damaged doors. Fix tough pesky leaks. Improve the window coverings. Reconstruct the deck. Overhaul the dated bathroom finishes.
Time is money, one call or click will get it done quick!
Daily Repair Requests
Property managers managing dozens or even hundreds of rentals often receive daily service requests. Have no fear, Elite Maintenance's professional staff and trained technicians can receive work orders to solve your problems.
Our office will contact the tenant to schedule a maintenance appointment. The repair will be complete. A professionally typed invoice will be emailed upon completion. All the while our office staff is keeping you in the loop so you can rest assured the repair request is being expedited.
Inspection Repairs
Property inspections are constantly uncovering repairs. Don't worry it's a good thing. Property owners would rather pay for the small repair now than the BIG repair later. Elite will be more than happy to complete the little repairs such as caulking, drippy faucets, squeaking door, missing door stop. The little items if left undone can lead to colossal construction.
No job is too small!
Drive By Awareness
Appearance matters. Noticeable disrepair observed during a drive by can often lead to bigger problems with the property.  The broken windows theory is a theory that states visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes. Elite can replace leaning fencing and broken windows.
Start with a Free Estimate!
  • Painting -  Dingy walls got you down. Cheer up, we can paint them any color you'd like.

  • Doors  -  The door is rubbing again. We can make adjustments to get that fixed.

  • Haul Away Trash   -  Remove the pile of junk on the side of the house. Tenant's left a mess behind. We can remove it.

  • Windows  -  Single pane isn't as efficient as a new double pane vinyl window. Give us a call for a free quote to replace them.

  • Walls  -  Drywall repairs can be tough to pull off. Don't make it worse. Call Elite for a professional repair.

  • Lights  -  Elite teams with professional electricians to create modern lighting in rooms and fixture upgrades.

  • Flooring  -  LVP? There are plenty of options out there. Let Elite help with decisions AND installation.

  • Cabinets  -  Time for a vanity cabinet upgrade or kitchen face lift. We can help with that.

  • Counter Tops  -  Weigh your options for counter top finishes. Pros and cons to solid surface or laminate. Really good options out there and Elite can install them.

  • Plumbing   -  Water damage can be costly. Get to the plumbing repairs quickly and be sure a licensed professional gets it done right the first time.

  • Electrical  -  Elite teams up with great electrical contractors to solve any electrical dilemma.

  • Window Coverings  -  Bent blind slats.. Ugh. Curtain rod pull out of the wall. Get them install property the first time with our professionals.

  • Tile  -  Make a statement with your next tile project. We help with the design pattern and install it too.

  • Shower Surround  -  This is a big one. So many problems can fester behind these walls if not installed properly. Not all materials are created the same. Discuss installation options with us.

  • Caulking   -  Mold and stained caulking make the bathroom look disgusting. We can cut it out and re-apply caulk to keep seams sealed and looking good.

  • Trim  -  Whether its trimming out a window or door. Maybe you want to add new trim in the bathroom. We'll bring the experience and tools to do it. 

  • Water Heater Straps   -  Safety first. Get the water heater straps on 1/3  top and bottom. We can do it for you.

  • Windows  -  Single pane isn't as efficient as a new double pane vinyl window. Give us a call for a free quote to replace them.

  • Siding  - Transform the way your home looks by installing new siding.

  • Fencing   - Your fencing leaning more than the Tower of Pisa 5.5 degrees? A team of our skilled techs can repair it to be upright and sturdy in no time.

  • Power Washing  -  Cob-webs and dirt can build up on the outside of your home. A soft rinse can keep paint on the walls but rid you of the filth.

  • Gutter Cleaning/Installation  -  Gutters can become detached from the fascia. Call us to assess, clean and repair your gutter and downspouts.

  • Exterior Painting  - Curb appeal can instantly increase value to your home. On the other hand, peeling paint can lead to various unwanted repairs. Keep a good solid coat of paint on the exterior of your home. 

  • Decks -   Build or repair decks with a small budget. Lets discuss options. 

  • Awnings  -  Thinking of entertain in Summer. A nice awning will surely impress your guests. Call us for a quote.

  • Gates  -  Fence dragging? Fence not opening all the way? Elite has a few simple ideas to help solve those problems.

  • Concrete  -  A concrete pad can be a clean and solid surface for entertainment or walkways. Aggregate finish or broom finish? Elite has the insight to help.

  • Crawlspace Vapor Barrier  - Odor in the crawlspace could be caused by rodent dropping and filth collecting on the vapor barrier. The vapor barrier is there for damp proofing. Let us replace it.

A leaky faucet drips 5 drips a minute , 7200 drips a day equaling a liter of wasted water a day and 173 Gallons a year!


Get rid of those outrageous service fees and get with a contractor who cares.


Call Elite Maintenance today.

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House Painting and Handyman Services in Southern Oregon


Handyman services pledge to customers in Southern Oregon

Organization and communication is part of Elite's foundation for building long term business relations.

  • Follow up Phone Call within 24hrs of Work Order Submission

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Scheduling

  • Detailed Description of Work

  • Safety Management

Results That Matter

Your job is our priority. Let us help you through it all.

  • Professional Invoicing

  • Clear Communication

  • Prompt Service

  • Reliable Work Force

  • Competitive Pricing

Elite Maintenance in Medford Oregon offers handyman services for both homeowners and property managers in southern oregon
We Provide Reliable Professional Handyman and Contractor Services to
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